Latest Technology

Operating Surgical Microscopes

Our practice is equipped with four surgical microscopes. Zeiss is the recognized world leader in advanced optics. The enhanced magnification and illumination of the operating microscope allows for superior visualization of the finest detail in the tooth structure, allowing us to perform the highly technical aspect of your root canal with the utmost precision.

Digital Imaging

Our office uses an advanced computerized x-ray imaging system. This highly sophisticated imaging system provides an immediate digital image of the tooth while significantly reducing exposure to radiation from conventional x-rays (about 80-90% less).

Cone-Beam CT Scan

This new technology produces 3-D volumetric images in a 1:1 ratio with no distortion for enhanced diagnostic and treatment planning. These features allow for a superior diagnostic study while significantly reducing patient exposure to radiation.  We utilize the Morita F40 which allows us to view a specific area, and thereby reducing exposure, and increasing clarity and resolution.  Although not usually needed for routine procedures, If indicated, we can schedule a scan right here at our office.


Ultrasonic energy is utilized to impart energy to aid in post removal, cavitate irrigating solutions to enhance its efficacy, and in the dissolution of calcified materials present in root canal spaces. Ultrasonic technology is an elegant addition to our ability to provide you with the best treatment possible.

Electronic Apex Locators

These have long been the standard of care in endodontic treatment, they accurately measure the length of each canal. This accuracy can improve success rates and reduce chair-time for the patient.

Rotary Instrumentation

Nickel-Titanium rotary instrument effectively and safely shape and clean the canal system for its final root filling material.